Freelance VS Employee: Reasons to be independent

Many people are wondering about their professional future. Will he be an employee or a freelancer? And that's a perfectly legitimate question! Many predict the end of wage labor, or at least the emergence of new forms of work such as wage-earning. This is not a hypothesis to be taken lightly. What if tomorrow we were all entrepreneurs? Being a freelancer in project mode meeting the needs of companies is a reality that already lives thousands of people. And tomorrow, this trend could sharply increase.

The reasons for being independent are numerous. And that, Generation Z knows it! Very envious of a professional lifestyle different from what previous generations have lived, they will not hesitate to question everything to live an entrepreneurial adventure that rhymes with freedom.

And since this article is addressed to all those who ask the question of whether or not it is worthwhile to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure, here are 9 reasons to be independent and to leave the status of employee on the side of the road.

1 - Have flexible hours

This is one of the first advantages offered by the independent status. Being able to start working from bed or finishing a project on the couch in the middle of the night is a reality for many freelancers. And it is also a strong claim! The employee with his fixed hours obviously does not have the same organizational possibilities. Moreover, many employees want flexible hours in order to better respond to a balance between private and professional life, which is always more ... unbalanced.

2 - Work from anywhere

Another advantage of being independent is to be able to work from anywhere. In fact, it's even a privilege. Whether at the Starbucks Cofee corner, in a coworking space or in the public garden, you have the freedom to manage your business from anywhere! A privilege that many employees would like to have. In addition, the change of environment is conducive to creativity and productivity. What do you expect?

3 - Deduct professional expenses

teledeclaration-auto-entrepreneurWhen one is independent, one is free to lead one's boat as one wishes. Above all, the daily life of an entrepreneur is made of customer appointments, travel, acquisitions of books, etc. And unlike an employee, the freelancer has the opportunity to deduct his professional expenses. Attention, everything is not deductible. To learn more about deductions, you can read this article: how to reduce your business expenses.

4 - Demonstrate your skills on several projects

freelance-multitachesAs an employee, we work for a company. There is a direction to take and it is to be followed daily. In the long run, it can become monotonous. It's far from being the case that we are freelance! By working for several clients on more or less long missions, we say stop at the monotony! The diversity of clients and proposed missions make us never bored. It takes a bit of organization and self-sacrifice but it's worth it!

5 - Acquire new skills

skillsDeveloping your business, finding new customers and taking care of your brand image, it takes a lot of energy, especially when you're alone! When a company develops a service or a product, it will rely on several people, each with specific skills. Contingent Employment , when one is independent, one can appeal to providers. But this quickly represents a budget that is not necessarily in cash!

This is why many freelancers are developing their skills by putting their hands in the grease. Do you want to create a profitable website for your business? Go through Wordpress. Do you need to design flyers to promote your business? Use Photoshop. And all the skills that you can acquire in addition to those you control will be many elements to highlight in the eyes of your future customers.

  • Training to continue to be a freelance

To be the best in your field, you need work, a lot of work. When you are an employee, you do not always think about your training rights. But when one is self-employed, becoming an expert is a goal to be set to attract more and more potential
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